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Massage for Dementia Training Course

Success Stories

Feedback on my 1 to 1 training:

"The one to one course gave me a better chance to engage with Nicolle - questions relating to mum have been answered so well. I have gained insight into the world of dementia. Now I feel I will be able to help mum so much more. Nicolle .... offers so much to the person & goes over and beyond in her teaching.

Thank you so much for an amazing day and being part of my life journey. Your course offers so much useful information for someone as a therapist, but also living with dementia."
Melanie Heap, Holistic Therapist, Leeds

Some feedback on my training days:

"A very thorough, insightful guide into the world of someone living with dementia, relevant and extremely valuable to anyone who has contact with people with the condition whether they work with massage or not."
Sarah Bailie, Sports Massage Therapist, Hayle, Cornwall

Approved by:

"This course was professionally delivered with humour and skill. Nicolle is a gifted communicator with a passion for her subject ... obviously done your homework on the law, techniques, research"
Janette Hall, Massage Practitioner and Nurse, London

"Accessible & professional, very fresh & engaging. Responded sensitively to questions & to the energy of the group. It has been a really enjoyable & inspiring day.”
Clare, Massage Therapist, Active Lightworks, Brighton

Some feedback from past students who have unlocked their skills and confidence and are flying:

"Since joining you for your excellent course Massage for Dementia, I now work in 3 care homes on a weekly basis. I largely work with clients living with dementia or Alzheimer's, but also massage clients with life limiting conditions such as Parkinson's, MS, Paralysis following a stroke, as well as some end of life care.
I consider working with such vulnerable individuals a real privilege and continue to be completely blown away by the comfort, peace and calm that caring touch massage can bring. When dementia steals away the vital interaction of close family and friends, it is a joy to bring a little comfort into their world through massage.
Thank you for helping me and inspiring me on my massage journey."

Lisa Tilley, Warwick

"My practice is doing well thank you. Particularly the two days I work with dementia clients - I absolutely love it. My practice is not just about massage and aromatherapy nowadays. It's become much more. The relatives view my work as respite for themselves. Quite a few relatives have said they don't worry about their mum/dad on the days that I go in and I've had lots of feedback re: positive changes in behaviour and well being. I can't claim to do anything spectacular, just lots of TLC and one-to-one. Like you, I have 'props'...usually to do with taste, touch, sound and sight...sometimes smell...not all my clients have lost their sense of smell."
Rachel Masey, Holistic Massage Therapist, Hove

"Hi Nicolle,I attended your training course .... which gave me confidence to go onto work with my first client with dementia.  This person also had additional difficulties & disabilities.I just wanted to say how much I love working with this person.  The massage seems even richer, as we don’t have verbal dialogue & so all of the communication is in the touch.The support workers tell me that her mobility has improved, her circulation has improved, she doesn’t cry out at night as much, she is more rested. From little seeds - acorns grow. I feel very privileged & humbled to be doing this work."

and more student feedback.....

"I have a good understanding now of the various types of dementia and much improved repertoire of techniques. The manual is very good & will be used as a reference book. Good recommendations for further reading. Thankyou Nicolle for a wonderful day! One of the most apt & interesting courses for massage I've attended."
Val Gray, Complementary Therapist,The Haven Centre, Blantyre, Scotland

"Your course ‘massage for dementia’ was truly inspirational and has fuelled us in the creation of our new business.
It is extremely early days, however we are finding that if you can get yourself into a position of demonstrating what is possible with our therapy, enrolling others into your world inevitably follows. So thank you for teaching and inspiring us, and please share this with future therapists, the more that are out there doing our work, the more our work will flow."

Victoria Brill, Mind Body and Soul Massage Therapy

 "I wanted to thank you for a fantastic course! I got a huge amount out of it. I found the morning session really informative & by the end of the morning, I felt I had a much better understanding of what it must feel like to have dementia...much more so than any other course I have done in dementia. So, thank you for that.
I also found the afternoon practical session very useful & I am sure that our therapists will b able to incorporate what they learnt when they massage people at the dementia cafes & it will help our project coordinators too."

Ann Borg, Trustee & Project Manager, Active Lightworks, Brighton

"This course exceeded all expectations, really enjoyed what was taught. Nicolle is very professional and knowledgeable, but very easy going & down to earth."
Jo Pope, Dementia Link Nurse, West Cornwall Hospital, NH

"Since I have attended the workshop, I have taken on a elderly client who has mild dementia. Her daughter saw that I had attended the workshop which helped in getting the job."
DS, Oriental Therapies, MCThA, MAcuC, CNHC Registered Practitioner

"An excellent trainer as [Niki] would keep up to date with her dementia knowledge, & was always keen to learn new approaches & methods when assisting carers & people with dementia. She had a natural ability to be creative & exploratory in her delivery.”
Jo Hague, Lead Dementia Care Trainer, Outlook South West

"Niki has a realistic approach to holistic care, this should be our way forward in future"
Karen Copas, Activities Co-ordinator for people living with dementia NHS Cornwall

"A fantastic day - it hardly felt like I was training. The demonstrations were excellent and in an easy to understand sequence" Jules Hamilton

"I thought it was all handled sensitively & positively. Found it empowering & confidence giving"
NF, Integrated Massage Therapist, Moontree Massage, near Bissoe

"I loved the openness, generosity and inclusiveness of Nicky's approach.  Her genuine desire to help those with dementia shines through - lovely! xx"

“I like it all ~ as good balance between ‘action’ & theory …. the games for introduction, the set up (circle), the communication aspect regarding the interaction with the dementia patient ….. it had playfulness, information, skills & personal experience. It felt like a rather complete course …. A good reminder to my own practice and reinforcing my approach & values”
Elodie, Massage Therapist, Active Lightworks, Brighton

"Since the course, I have noticed how I have changed when approaching and chatting to the residents in the Home.
I have just started offering massages at a Day Centre and, although, the elderly people don't have Dementia, I have realised it is so important to "make them feel special" and listen listen listen.  Some of them have really had a rotten time of it recently and spending half an hour with them, massaging their aching backs, legs or shoulders - it is just to lovely to see them relax." 

"Just a huge 'thank you' - I tried a bit of efflurage (may not be able to spell it but it's close!!) last night and got a kiss for my efforts and a big sleepy smile-brilliant!- I think folk must miss the touch of loved ones - this is a lovely way to bring that back into their lives.  Thank you Nicky, I had a really good day - lots to take in and lots of hope for the future"
Anon Carer, Cornwall

"All of it was useful - made me reflect on my practice. The massage practice was wonderful!"
R. Eggins, Nurse, Bodmin Hospital

Feedback from seminars, FHT, Holistic Health Show, NEC Birmingham, May '16:

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar. It was excellent. The presenter was extremely knowledgable and the content and delivery was comprehensive and well placed. Was the best seminar I have attended. It was the main reason for my visit to the show and it did not disappoint and I hope to attend training with Nicole in September

Feedback from workshop & seminar,  FHT Congress, Nottingham, July '14:

"I attended the lectures/workshops in relation to dementia to assist me with my mum. And certainly Nicolle Mitchell absolutely delivered. Her extensive knowledge & delivery of these courses/workshops both prepared & assisted me to combat any situations I may encounter.

"brilliant - realistic to the problems of dementia - I feel inspired to do more + find out more. Made it a more positive experience."

"explained well, friendly and informative. Learnt new massage technique (Massaging People Who Have Dementia) I like nicolle's sense of humour + down to earth approach. We did a good routine to be used with clients. I would like to learn more."

"nicolle's sense of humour lightened the topic and made good points which I could use in my practice
and family. Very good information."


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