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Gift a Treatment for someone who lives with Dementia

Nursing homes and continuing care packages rarely provide the opportinity for all people who live with dementia to have massage as part of their care support plan. This means that many people who need it the most, but who are unable to ask for treatments or even be able to afford them, often miss out on the benefit of therapeutic touch.

If you enjoy your massage or would like someone who lives with dementia to benefit from a nurturing touch massage please feel free to donate using the buttons on this page. Even £1 can make a difference.

People living with dementia benefit hugely from regular massage. Sadly, not everyone can afford a regular treatment, which is why I feel there is a need for this scheme.

As my contribution to the scheme, I will offer a concessionary rate to anyone who benefits from a treatment paid for by generous donors. Thank you for your contribution.

Gift a Massage for Dementia Treatment


Some of the benefits of massage for someone living with dementia may be:

- Reducing isolation

- Reducing fear and anxiety

- Improving movement, coordination and balance affected by the disease

- Fulfilling basic human needs which can bring comfort, connection and reduce behaviours which we can find challenging

- Reducing depression associated with dementia

- Providing meaningful engagement without the pressure of words

- Reducing need for so much medication, as massage improves mood, eases pain and alleviates anxiety.

- Providing end of life support and resolution


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